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Our History

The story of Villa Nasua goes back over 40 years when Peru was under the rule of a military dictator. Our family had read and heard so many wonderful things about this little country of Costa Rica. A country with no Army, a country that was becoming popular in the tourism industry, a country where the local ticos lived the pure life or, ‘Pura Vida’. It was during this time that our family made the decision to move to Costa Rica and become citizens. We settled in Tibás, San Jose, where our father continued to build homes, which was his trade in Peru. The children all flourished in school and found careers. After graduating from college our youngest brother, Yusef, started working as a manager with a tourist company in the little town of Jaco.

Playa Jaco or Jaco Beach was one of the first beach tourist destinations in Costa Rica, not so much because of its natural beauty, but because of its proximity to the Capital City of San Jose, where most of the Costa Rican population lives. Back in the 1970s and 1980’s the beaches of “Playa Jaco” and “Puntarenas” were pretty much the only 2 coastal areas with a fairly “easy access” from San Jose, which made them popular among the local tourists. In 1978 the town was taking beginning to take shape due to the influx of tourism and there were plans to build two large hotels. Yusef had the dream to build a hotel that would offer the same service and hospitality that he had experienced from the local ticos during his travels, but on a smaller scale. During this time of planning and working with the local municipality, Yusef died in a tragic accident while hiking in the Braulio Carrillo National Park.

The family did not want to see Yusef’s dream end so we made a plan and saved up for the next several years until we could begin building in 1998. The whole family was part of the construction with our father as the builder and the rest of us working on the landscaping and business plan. We all gathered together in December of 1999 to celebrate Christmas and the completion of Yusef’s dream, Villa Nasua.

Villa Nasua’s doors opened in January of 2000 and we embarked on an amazing journey of welcoming people into our new home. Villa Nasua focuses on our guests, as we want everyone to feel that they are part of our family. You feel that our brother, Yusef, would be proud of his legacy and Villa Nasua, where we are, ‘Your Home Away From Home’.